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Over 1 million people immigrate to the U.S. every year, and Vietnamese people are the fifth largest immigrant group in the country today. So many Vietnamese immigrants have found a new life in communities like Philadelphia, PA, and you can be one of them with the assistance of an immigration lawyer. Whether you have been displaced from Vietnam by the threat of violence or persecution, you need to move to the U.S. for work, or you already live in the U.S. and need a deportation lawyer to help you remain in the country, Huy Nguyen is the immigration attorney to call.

When representing you as a green card immigration lawyer, he will draw on his heritage as well as his experience in the legal field to give you the best advice possible. You would be hard-pressed to find another dedicated immigration lawyer in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, let alone a Vietnamese lawyer who is fluent in your language. For a Vietnamese person seeking asylum, or who is facing deportation, having a fluent Vietnamese lawyer can make all the difference.

Get in touch with Huy Nguyen right away if you are looking for an immigration lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an immigration lawyer in DC, or a Viet lawyer for immigration cases anywhere in the United States.

Are You Seeking Asylum in The States?

Asylum is one of the many reasons why people choose to immigrate from Vietnam to the U.S. Religious and political persecution continue to be a problem in Vietnam, and if you feel that you are not safe living in your home country, coming to the United States could be the answer. An asylum lawyer can help you keep your family and yourself safe.

As a top asylum immigration lawyer in Philadelphia, PA Huy Nguyen is highly qualified to represent you as you apply for asylum in the U.S. There are a variety of conditions under which you could be granted asylum, and asylum lawyer Huy Nguyen can help you identify them. Being granted asylum can be a complex process, so the advice of an asylum immigration lawyer will greatly improve your chances. If you or a family member is no longer safe living in Vietnam, get in touch with Huy to find a top asylum lawyer today. He can also represent you as a green card lawyer in Chicago or anywhere else in the country.

Call us today if you are facing any of the following situations:

  • Crime Conviction
  • Application Denial
  • Previous Deportation
  • Unreasonable Wait Time
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Looking to Obtain Your Green Card? Huy Can Help

Of course, asylum is not the only reason you may want to immigrate to the United States from Vietnam. Many of our clients at Huy Nguyen Law need an immigration attorney for other reasons. One way to legally immigrate to the U.S. is simply by applying for a visa or entering a green card lottery. Unfortunately, this process can take a long time and has a high rate of rejection. Speaking to a green card immigration lawyer can give you a better chance of being successful. Whether you or a family member would like to come to the U.S., a green card lawyer can educate you on all the steps you need to take. As a Viet lawyer for immigration cases, Huy can go over the process with you, in your language, so you can be certain you fully understand all the requirements.

Deportation is another reason why you might want to speak with an immigration lawyer. You could be facing deportation for many reasons; perhaps you were convicted of a crime in the Phila, PA area, or your marital status has changed. Huy’s goal as a deportation lawyer is to help you remain in the country with the people you care about, no matter what.

Whether you are searching for a Vietnamese lawyer for immigration cases, you need an asylum lawyer, or a green card lawyer, Huy Nguyen is the Philadelphia attorney to call. His strong connection to the Vietnamese immigrant community means he will always fight hard to help you legally immigrate. In addition to serving clients in the Phila, PA area as a Vietnamese lawyer for immigration, Huy also serves clients in other Pennsylvania communities and those around the country. Get in touch with him if you need a green card attorney in NJ or anywhere else nationwide.

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