Immigration Lawyer in Austin, TX

Whether you currently live in Vietnam and want to immigrate, or you live in the US and want to help a family member immigrate, speaking to a green card lawyer is the first step you should take. An immigration lawyer can also help those who live in the US but are facing deportation. If you live in the Austin, TX, area and find yourself in any of these situations, finding the right immigration attorney will greatly improve your chances of achieving a positive resolution.

Huy Nguyen is a Vietnamese lawyer who was raised and educated in the United States. Because he is the son of Vietnamese immigrants, he possesses a deep knowledge of the issues they face when attempting to navigate the US immigration system. He also speaks fluent Vietnamese and understands the culture and history of Vietnam. Having a Vietnamese lawyer on your side who speaks your language and knows where you come from will be a tremendous advantage to you as you seek to legally immigrate to the US.

Call Huy Nguyen Law today if you need a Vietnamese immigration lawyer in Houston, Austin, or anywhere across the country.

Why An Experienced Immigration Attorney Will Help You

Immigration cases can be exceptionally complex, and it takes a lawyer with experience to advise you properly. For example, if you have a family member who is seeking asylum, you will need to prove that they are facing unsafe conditions at home. An experienced asylum lawyer will know what has worked in the past and will be able to apply that knowledge to your situation. In his time as an attorney, Huy Nguyen has handled many asylum cases, making him highly qualified to be your asylum lawyer.

Huy can also assist you with a range of other immigration matters, including:

  • Visa applications
  • Obtaining a green card
  • Obtaining citizenship
  • Naturalization
  • Deportations

If you need an immigration lawyer in Dallas or Austin, Huy Nguyen is the best choice.

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Professional Green Card Attorney in Austin

Vietnamese immigrants and their families in Austin need a Vietnamese lawyer who understands them and their needs. Don’t choose a lawyer who practices general law, doesn’t understand the Vietnamese language, or isn’t familiar with the current conditions in Vietnam. Choose a lawyer who knows where you are coming from and can advise you in your language. Choose Huy Nguyen Law today for all your Vietnamese immigration needs in Austin or anywhere in America.

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