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Are you a Vietnamese person who wants to start a new life in the United States? Do you already live in the US and want to help a family member join you? Are you facing deportation and need an experienced immigration attorney to help you remain in the country legally? Huy Nguyen Law can assist you with all these cases and more. As a top green card lawyer, Huy Nguyen has spent his career helping Vietnamese immigrants navigate the often-complex landscape of US immigration law. If you live in Dallas, Texas, he can represent or advise you on your case.

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Huy is Committed to Obtaining Positive Results for all of His Clients

Your immigration status is too important for you to leave it in the hands of an immigration attorney who isn’t fully dedicated to getting you a positive result. As a second-generation Vietnamese immigrant, Huy understands where you are coming from and feels a special connection to the global Vietnamese community. Whether you currently live in Vietnam or an American community like Dallas, Huy is the best choice to take on your case. You should consider hiring him as your immigration lawyer if you have experienced any of the following while applying for a visa:

  • You are dealing with a criminal conviction
  • Your previous application was denied
  • You have been deported previously
  • You have experienced an unreasonable wait time on getting your application approved

As a green card lawyer, Huy can help you ensure all your documents are filled out and filed correctly, and that you don’t have to wait an unreasonable amount of time to hear back. As an asylum lawyer, he can help you with your asylum application and make sure you can get to safety in a reasonable amount of time. As a deportation lawyer, he can represent you and find the best way to ensure a conviction, change in marital status, or a change in job status doesn’t force you to return to Vietnam.

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Professional & Experienced Green Card & Deportation Lawyer in Dallas

If you need to find a Vietnamese lawyer in Austin, Dallas, or anywhere else across America, Huy Nguyen is the right choice for you. He can represent you as a general immigration lawyer, or in specialized areas as a deportation lawyer or asylum lawyer. No matter what your case entails, Huy will fight hard for you.

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